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FCF Foundation InC.

Founded in 2006 by East Manatee Firefighter Erik Nicholson, the Fire Charity Fishing Foundation was established with a singular purpose: to raise funds for local charitable causes and support the Children’s Burn Foundation of Florida. Over the past 17 years, our efforts have resulted in hundreds of children attending the annual camp event, providing them with a safe and healing environment to rebuild confidence and friendships.

Erik and the entire committee are personally overjoyed that what started as a dream has helped so many survivors continue to live full lives. The FCFF Committee takes immense pride in their philanthropic mission and unwavering support of their local community. This journey of giving and support would not be possible without the generosity of our sponsors and anglers.

As our tournament grows, we remain committed to our founding purpose while expanding our reach to fund additional local charitable causes. Our Giving Back Board diligently evaluates potential charities and reports to the Executive Board and Committee for final approval, ensuring our contributions make the most significant impact.

Our Community Impact Since 2006

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Children’s Burn Camp of Florida

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Mission Statement

The FCF Foundation Inc. is a charitable organization dedicated to raising awareness and funds for local youth and first responder based charitable causes while preserving the sportfishing culture for our youth, young adults, and community during a FREE family-friendly weekend long event for the public to enjoy!

Children's Burn Foundation Of Florida, INC.

The Children’s Burn Foundation of Florida, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of young burn survivors. Founded by representatives from local fire service organizations, hospitals, and businesses, our mission is to address the unique needs of children who have suffered severe burn injuries.

Our primary goal is to offer opportunities for young burn survivors to see and interact with others who have had similar experiences, helping them realize they are not alone. The psychological impact of a severe burn injury is often more painful than the physical injury itself. Each year, there are approximately two million burn injuries in the United States, with one million affecting children. Fire and burn injuries are the second leading cause of accidental deaths in children aged one to four and the third leading cause of injury and death in children aged one to eighteen. Over 100 children a day are treated in emergency rooms for kitchen and scald burns alone.

The Children’s Burn Foundation provides special programs focused on assisting children and their families with rehabilitation, social adjustment, and motivation to reintegrate them into society as productive individuals. Although we cannot eliminate the pain and suffering of a burned child, we can join together to help send them to camp.

Camp Tequesta, the first statewide burn camp of its kind in Florida, meets every November for four days at the Florida Elks Youth Camp in Umatilla, Florida. This camp provides a weekend of unforgettable memories, allowing children to meet new friends and enjoy various activities in a supportive environment. Each child is paired with an adult buddy, including fire department personnel, burn units, educators, burn survivors, corporate representatives, and other dedicated volunteers.

Our program has been highly successful, and we look forward to it every year. Last year, we invited 55 children and volunteers from across the United States and even London, England. The camp helps children realize they are not alone, share their feelings, and see that they are “someone special.”

Throughout the year, we maintain contact with the children through parties, barbecues, emails, and social media. None of our volunteers are paid; we rely solely on contributions. We also provide gift cards, college, medical, and hardship scholarships. For instance, we have funded further education, purchased powered medical scooters, and provided new clothes for those facing challenging times.

We organize year-round fundraisers, inviting buddies, staff, children, and their families to attend. Annually, we sponsor various programs, including sending girls to the Angel Face program, a child and buddy to the International Association of Fire Fighters Burn Foundation’s Burn Camp in Washington D.C., a family to the World Burn Congress, and young adults to Oklahoma’s Young Adult Conference.

Our goals are to provide lifetime memories, opportunities for independence, new skills, and friendships, as well as the special attention burn survivors need. Above all, we aim to offer good old-fashioned fun!

Join us in our mission to support these brave young individuals. Your contribution can make a significant difference in their lives and ours.

Firefighter/EMT Scholarship

The FCF Foundation, Inc., is a nonprofit organization founded in 2007 by Erik Nicholson, an East Manatee Firefighter. The foundation was formed to bring awareness and funding to the Children’s Burn Foundation of Florida. Due to the growth over the years and the support of the community, the FCF Foundation is now able to provide scholarships to those who need financial assistance to attend MTI and become a Manatee County Firefighter/EMT.

Due to the increasing cost of education and the amount of time required to complete the necessary training, The FCF Foundation feels that its commitment and financial support to the scholarship program can make a difference. The foundation believes this scholarship will help students achieve their goal of becoming a Manatee County Firefighter/EMT while taking the burden of cost out of the equation so they can focus on furthering their future.

Scholarship Amount: $7,000

Our Committee Board

Erik Nicholson


Erin Alexander

Vice President

Jen Brown


Vicky Duquette


Committee Members

Heidi Scott
Marion Holmes
Mark Adams
Rob Welborn
Chari Welborn
Kiel Duquette
Logan Miller
Paul Webb
Jodi Webb
Katie Stegar
Chase Bannar
Arya Riddle

Kiki Kopp
Matt Mock
Melisa MacLeod
Brandy Zimarino
Kenny Langston
Lea Jennings
Angie Kaliher
Ryan Kaliher
Heather D’Agostino
Link Glasgow
Jessica Cathcart
Claire Rowell

Justin Rowell
Jarrad Truax
Jacob Sperko
Becca Sperko
Alex Strott
Brittany Strott
Kate Willis
Scott Toedman 
Lance Biddle
Chris O’Connor
Ashley McCord
Christina Liotti

Diana North
Roni O’Connor 
Ron Naile
Chayenne Naile
Shelbi Loftin
Ricky Gullett
Dea Gullett
Hayden Jackson
Keith Stonestreet
Jodi Koehler
Matthew Pletcher
Sarah Pletcher

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